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You can illuminate the most of our lightings with modern retrofit LED lamps.  The lights from our collection dispose of integrated dimmers for the adaptation of the brightness to the desired light situation, so pay attention by the purchase of the LED lamps that they are dimmable.

Unfortunately, not all dimmable LED lamps available in trade are compatible with every dimmer. Therefore we perfom extensive tests with differnt LED lamps. We tested successfully with the dimmers in our lighting this LED lamps:

Philips Master LED 20 W with E 27 socket


Ledon A66 13 W dimmable with E 27 socket


Ledon B35 5 W dimmable for E 14 sockets

The Philips master LED has the highest brightness, she corresponds with 1521 lumen of the brightness of 100 W incandescant lamp, the Ledon illuminants feature a little lower power input and brightness but a better color rendering.

There are no aquivalent LED lamps availabe for on the market PHIL, SAIGON and the BENICE-BIG wall washer at present. We will publish our recommendations for the BENICE-SMALL wall washer forthcoming.

Unfortunately, the exchange don't work without issues in nay case, some older dimmers causes malfunctions. The lightings with this dimmers can be identified by their serial numbers. This PDF-file for download tells, if your lighting  belongs to this group. In this case please contact your specialized dealer or us. This way your lighting will become ready for the now technology.